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Our Story



The inception of Infolks Group was at the ancestral home of MD with 6 employees.


New Office

Relocated to a new modern office premises with 110 employees.


Head Office

Opened a new office with more facilities, that accommodate more employees.



Extended the office structure and re-branded the logo.



Began a fully functional Offshore Development Center with 250+ employees, for a German based automotive giant, Continental AG.


Cyber Park

Started a new satellite office at UL Cyberpark, Calicut.



Started 3 new entities for Medical Annotation, Software Development and Data Collection.



Rural development

Infolks Group strives to bring comprehensive and prideful development to our village by introducing the culture, growth, and opportunities of the outer world while protecting all of the rural purity, beauty, and love.



A company with a Heart

Infolks Group aims to uphold its commitments by offering genuine, truthful, and value-oriented services to the clients, the best work environment in the world to the employees, and a wide range of opportunities and possibilities to the society. Which makes us the best service provider in the world and a company with a Heart.

Worklife @ Infolks Group

Here is why everyone says working in Infolks Group is the best.

Gender Equality

We’re providing equal opportunities for each and every employee, without considering their gender. Hiring and promotion of employees will be based only on individual ability, performance, and qualifications.


We’re proud to be an organisation that takes pride in its young work-force. We provide a great platform for freshers and make them excellent professionals by providing a wide horizon to grow and develop their skills.

Employee Benefits

We have fair, transparent, and clear employee policies. Workers are given the freedom to decide how they do their best works and then do it that way. Those who exceed expectations are recognized, even in non-monetary ways. Infolks Group supports employee growth, development and gives them clear feedback and suggestions. Good work culture, pleasing company management, stress-free environment, insurance for both employees and their dependents - Employees’ State Insurance (ESI), Provident Fund (PF), Travel Allowance (TA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and the best salary package for freshers make Infolks Group an exciting place.

Work Life Balance

Usually, employers expect more from their employees. Which leads to them feeling more work-pressure to accomplish greater results. Consequently, this leads to longer working hours, and less time spent at home. The average working hours of employees in India are among the longest compared to global peers. Here at Infolks Group, we keep international working hours instead of the Indian standard. So you can work only 7 hours in a shift. We believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also increase productivity, and ultimately performance.


Infiesta is the annual day celebration of Infolks Group. Folks come and go in different shifts. When working in a company, team members are not regularly in contact with all members of the organization, especially if the company is large-sized. So, many employees might not know one another. Folks blast and celebrate the Infiesta no one could forget. They create good moments and fun experiences.

Football Team

In most of the companies, when the boss says, “Let's play some team building games!”, employees start re-running episodes of work in their heads. For us, effective team building means more engaged employees. Infolks Group has its own football team, and it will improve the physical and mental health of employees.

Infolks Football League (IFL)

The IFL (Infolks Football League) is the annual football tournament of Infolks Group. An organisation’s success depends on the staff’s ability to put their minds together and give their best to solve a problem. These kinds of games often break the ice and help members open up to each other.

Celebration Corner

We celebrate everything starting from employee birthday, festivals, project completion, new joining, work anniversary, job promotion, business achievements, etc. Sometimes we celebrate for no reason. Why do we need a reason all the time to celebrate? Folks believe that celebration is an event which gives more reasons to live, more reasons to work, and the reason to achieve more. We at Infolks Group, celebrate every moment with our extended family and try to highlight that this kind of corporate culture is also there and we are keeping it alive.

Annual Team Outings

Our team outing is the magic wand. Through which the employees not only de-stress and have fun, but also understand each others strengths and weaknesses better, gel together, and return with a different perspective. This trip is an effective way of socializing with colleagues and managers in a casual way, outside of working hours. This will free up the folks to be just the way they are.

Relaxation & Gaming Area

Relaxing in a comfortable area or playing a game for a few minutes can give employees a mental reset. Additionally, a game area provides a space for workers to bond as they play games , helping to build stronger team relationships and improve the overall morale and culture of the company. Infolks Group gives great priority to the wellness and mental health of folks. They can get some physical exercise during the workday and enjoy a place to escape the daily grind and decompress.

Infolks Fitness Center

Sitting at the desk for long hours, staring at the computer screen with hardly any body movement is nothing but an invitation to illness. Employee health and wellbeing are our primary concerns. We’re taking care of the employees by equipping gyms in our office. It boosts folks’ morale and instills a sense of giving their 100% to the company.

What Makes Us Unique?

Special (Differently Abled) Team

We have a special team with different abilities. Disability is a natural thing. It is still a barrier to employment for millions of people. People believe that disabilities prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Infolks proved that being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life. Our folks demonstrated it with their lives. 30+ differently abled employees are working in our 3 offices. They contribute to a huge part of the success of Infolks. Our ultimate goal and dream is to build a huge team of individuals with different abilities and become a role model for the rest of the world.

Infolks Blood Donation Wing & Rapid Response Team

A blood donor is a hero to someone, somewhere, who has received the gracious gift of life. Our folks want to be the hope of someone's life. We have a blood donation and rapid response wing exclusively for Infolks employees and their families. They are willing to donate at any time. We’re continuously tracking and keeping a database of employees, who are willing to donate. We are conducting blood donation camps annually under this wing.

IMS (Infolks Employee Medical & Emergency Support Scheme)

Employees are integral to our success and one of our most important assets. Infolks Employee Medical & Emergency Support Scheme (IMS) is exclusively for Infolks employees. The intention of this scheme is to lend a helping hand to employees during their crucial times. IMS is an initiative to assist employees and their families in case of accidents, diseases, death, and pregnancy, etc. Our doors are always open to assist folks in any way we can.


Thanal is a dream initiative of the Managing Director. He wants to be a shelter and make sure that no one in the Infolks Family is struggling financially. Thus, he came up with the idea of “Thanal”. The main objective of Thanal is to provide support to employees who are homeless, extremely financially backward due to illness or something, and struggling with loans or other debts. Within a span of 5 years, no one in the Infolks family is homeless. Thanal is purely funded by Infolks Group.

Social Responsibility

Being a tech giant is not the only goal of Infolks Group. We strongly believe that we hold a huge responsibility towards our society and can make someone’s dream come true. We have an internal charity team. With clear supervision from our charity council, Infolks has taken over 25 families to date. The ultimate goal of Infolks Group is to empower communities and abolish poverty. This divine effort and fruitful dedication towards the community made Infolks look after many deserving people.



Muneer Kolasseri
Chairman & Director

Mujeeb Kolasseri
Founder, MD, CEO


Navas Thazhathethil
GM & Director

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